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Wednesday 20th September 2017

England Articles


GP provider in England expands to fifth STP patch

13th September 2017

One of the largest providers in England has expanded to a fifth sustainability and transformation partnership.

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Dental care 'crisis' in England

6th September 2017

A couple in need of dental care say they pulled out their own teeth because no NHS dentist would treat them.

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Meningitis vaccine uptake low

16th August 2017

Nurses warn school-leavers are putting themselves at risk by not taking up offer to be vaccinated against meningitis.

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Japanese fungus spreading in UK

16th August 2017

Health officials confirm more than 200 patients in England have been infected or contaminated.

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40% of maternity wards closed at least once in 2016

8th August 2017

Data suggests more than 40% of maternity wards in England closed to expectant mothers at lease once in 2016.

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Visits to sexual health clinics on the rise

3rd August 2017

According to local councils in England, sexual health clinics are at 'tipping point' as visits increase and funding is cut.

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More mental health workers to be recruited in England

31st July 2017

The health secretary has announced thousands more mental health workers to be recruited by the NHS in England.

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Dementia numbers to rise

6th July 2017

Experts predict 1.2m people in England and Wales will be living with dementia by 2040.

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Long-term ill should get free prescriptions

29th June 2017

Call for people with a long-term illness to receive free prescriptions in England.

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Council care cuts expected

28th June 2017

Elderly and disabled in England being told to expect cuts to care services.

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