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Thursday 23rd March 2017

England Articles


Heart attack early warning signs being missed

1st March 2017

Study suggests early heart attack warnings may have been missed in one in six deaths in England.

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Hospital services to be cut in England

21st February 2017

A BBC analysis shows plans for hospital cuts in most of England.

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Children's hospital rated outstanding

21st February 2017

Health inspectors in England have rated a specialist children's hospital as outstanding.

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Majority of health systems face loan repayments to the DH

2nd February 2017

An analysis by the HSJ has found a vast majority of health systems in England had to be bailed out by the DH and now face loan repayments.

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Mixed-sex wards rising in England

31st January 2017

Statistics show a rise of almost 70% in England in the past year.

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Strain of working on understaffed wards revealed

20th January 2017

Nurses across England have shared experiences of working on understaffed wards during the past year.

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Social care funding plans

15th December 2016

Details on social care funding in England to be outlined.

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NHS to be more open about preventable deaths

13th December 2016

NHS trusts to reveal details of preventable deaths after report criticised the way the NHS dealt with patient deaths in England.

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Baby boomers should stay in work

9th December 2016

People between 50 and 70 should stay in work to stay healthy says England's chief medical officer.

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Call for minimum pricing on alcohol

5th December 2016

Public Health England says minimum price per unit of alcohol would improve health of the heaviest drinkers.

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