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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Scotland Articles


One in five patients miss GP appointments

5th December 2017

New research has found up to one in five patients are regularly missing GP appointments in Scotland.

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Scottish minimum alcohol pricing to be decided

15th November 2017

Supreme Court to decide whether Scotland can implement minimum pricing for alcohol.

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New GP contract in Scotland

14th November 2017

New GP contract negotiated with BMA in Scotland will cut workload.

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Hospitals spending just 94p per meal

2nd March 2017

The BBC has learned that some Scottish hospitals are only spending 94p on a patient meal.

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Mental health provision lacking in Scottish schools

14th February 2017

Children's charities say there is a lack of mental health provision for young people in Scotland.

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Mesh implant ops still taking place in Scotland

19th December 2016

Despite ministers recommending suspension of mesh implant operations, they are still being performed in Scotland.

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E coli outbreak in Scotland

6th September 2016

A child has died in Scotland following an outbreak of E coli linked to blue cheese.

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Zika found in Scotland

4th August 2016

The Scottish government have confirmed a number of people have been diagnosed with having the Zika virus.

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Delay for NHS 24 computer roll out

1st July 2016

NHS 24 helpline will not be fully rolled out across Scotland until end of the year.

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Skin cancer rates have more than doubled in Scotland

1st July 2016

A leading charity has reported that skin cancer rates have more than doubled among over 55s.

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