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Thursday 19th October 2017

Scotland Articles


Hospitals spending just 94p per meal

2nd March 2017

The BBC has learned that some Scottish hospitals are only spending 94p on a patient meal.

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Mental health provision lacking in Scottish schools

14th February 2017

Children's charities say there is a lack of mental health provision for young people in Scotland.

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Mesh implant ops still taking place in Scotland

19th December 2016

Despite ministers recommending suspension of mesh implant operations, they are still being performed in Scotland.

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E coli outbreak in Scotland

6th September 2016

A child has died in Scotland following an outbreak of E coli linked to blue cheese.

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Zika found in Scotland

4th August 2016

The Scottish government have confirmed a number of people have been diagnosed with having the Zika virus.

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Delay for NHS 24 computer roll out

1st July 2016

NHS 24 helpline will not be fully rolled out across Scotland until end of the year.

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Skin cancer rates have more than doubled in Scotland

1st July 2016

A leading charity has reported that skin cancer rates have more than doubled among over 55s.

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Family doctor shortage

20th June 2016

The BMA describe the lack of GPs in Scotland as 'extremely concerning'.

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Diabetes 'prevention' trial begins in Scotland

20th April 2016

Major trial starts in Scotland to prevent type-1 diabetes in children.

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Bird flu found in Fife

12th January 2016

A mild strain of bird flu has been found on a farm in Fife confirms Scottish government.

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