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Saturday 22nd July 2017

Mental Health Articles


Mental health services risk being overwhelmed

7th July 2017

A survey of NHS trusts finds seven in 10 mental health leaders expect mental health services demand to increase this year.

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Nursing assistant claimed pay for bogus shifts

30th June 2017

Mental health trust introduces new rostering system after assistant claimed for shifts not worked.

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CCGs fail to hit spending standard

22nd June 2017

Analysis shows CCGs failing to hit mental health investment standard.

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Depressed elderly being failed by the NHS

6th June 2017

Experts warn elderly patients with mental health problems are facing discrimination by the NHS.

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Public sector staff more anxious

1st June 2017

Research suggests public sector employees feel more anxious at work.

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Mental health trust prosecuted

30th May 2017

Oxleas Foundation Trust is being prosecuted after an inpatient stabbed two members of staff.

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Poor sleep associated with phone use

30th May 2017

Researchers say teenagers’ late-night mobile phone use is harming their sleep and potentially their mental health.

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Mental health deaths investigated

22nd May 2017

NHS-run mental health unit being investigated as part of a policy inquiry.

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Opportunities missed to improve mental health

17th May 2017

Study has found vanguard leaders are missing an opportunity to integrate mental and physical health services.

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Children with mental health problems treated out of area

10th May 2017

Figures show an increase in children with severe mental health problems being admitted to hospitals outside their area.

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