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Wednesday 18th October 2017

Mental Health Articles


Mental health problems on the rise

2nd October 2017

Statistics show, at any one time, a sixth of the population in England aged 16 to 64 have a mental health problem.

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Vulnerable people missing out on council tax discount

29th September 2017

Thousands of 'mentally impaired' people could be missing out on council tax discount because councils are slow to offer information on the scheme.

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Concern over gap in mental health services

28th September 2017

A new report shows drop in mental health patient beds is a great concern and needs an urgent review.

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Social media has impact on young people's mental health

25th September 2017

Social media distorting children's grasp on reality.

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Student mental health issues on the rise

5th September 2017

Researchers say almost five times as many students as 10 years ago have disclosed a mental health condition.

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Mental health safety checks delayed

4th September 2017

Mental health workforce shortage has resulted in waiting time targets being missed.

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Mental health hospital plans put on hold

21st August 2017

Financially struggling CCG has put new hospital plans on hold.

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Men with poor mental health blame jobs

10th August 2017

Mind says a third of men surveyed attributed poor mental health to their jobs.

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Mental health patients spend years stranded in units

3rd August 2017

Figures show mental health patients across the UK spend years awaiting discharge.

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More mental health workers to be recruited in England

31st July 2017

The health secretary has announced thousands more mental health workers to be recruited by the NHS in England.

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