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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Mental Health Articles


New online therapy tool for depression

24th January 2018

A new online therapy tool for depression has been recommended by NICE.

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Teachers diagnosed with mental health issues

23rd January 2018

Study shows more than half of teachers diagnosed with mental health issues due to excessive workloads.

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Insurers should be investigated over discrimination

22nd January 2018

UK government are being urged to investigate insurer discrimination against mentally ill.

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Car share to drive away depression

12th January 2018

Like Minds ask why it can feel difficult to talk about depression.

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Mental health aid ordered for military veterans

10th January 2018

Trump signed an executive order directing government departments to try and prevent suicide among military veterans.

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New view on mental health needed

9th January 2018

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 75% of psychological problems are established by the time a person turns 24.

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Google invests in mental health specialist

5th January 2018

Google has contributed to a $40m round of funding in mental health specialist, Quartet.

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Depression and anxiety in pregnancy

3rd January 2018

According to a study by King's College London, a quarter of pregnant women suffer from mental health problems.

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Singing in groups improves mental health

21st December 2017

Research suggests community singing can help people recover from mental illness.

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Parents should talk about suicide

20th December 2017

Call for parents to speak more directly about suicide with their children.

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