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Sunday 27th May 2018

Malaysia Articles


Deadly malaria tightens grip on Malaysia

12th March 2013

Increase in malaria cases in Borneo reported.

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Breakthrough in Nipah virus research

15th March 2011

The virus is a relative newcomer, and may come from bats that feed on date palm sap.

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GM mosquitoes to fight dengue fever

8th November 2010

Malaysia plans to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild to test a new control method.

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Chloroquine for new bat viruses

17th March 2009

Two new viruses from Australian bats are causing concern over high mortality rates.

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Dengue warning for SE Asia

10th August 2007

Disease rips through southeast Asian countries, and the death rate is already higher than last year.

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Malaysia still shy about condoms

31st May 2007

Health officials fear to promote condom use directly in a Muslim country.

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Malaysian HIV crisis

15th February 2007

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Surge of HIV infection in Malaysia

12th February 2007

The number of HIV infections could rise by more than fourfold by 2015.

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