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Friday 24th March 2017

Budget Articles


CCGs overspend budget

24th November 2016

In the first six months of 2016/17, CCGs have overspent budget by £236m.

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Further cut to CQC's budget

20th April 2016

CQC's budget reduced by an additional £9m.

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Real term mental health budget cut 8%

20th March 2015

Figures suggest mental health trusts in England have seen budgets fall 8% over course of this parliament.

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Two weeks for CCGs to finalise primary care budgets

18th March 2015

CCG group leaders left with two weeks to finalise potentially complex legal arrangements.

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NHS England struggling to balance budget

3rd July 2014

A report shows NHS England had still not managed to set plans to balance its £97bn budget for this financial year.

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Party leaders urged to ensure NHS survival

5th June 2014

NHS trust chiefs have written to express their concern over the long-term future of NHS.

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Big budget boost for Monitor

12th May 2014

Figures reveal a 19% increase in Monitor's core budget.

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2014 Budget will not help NHS

21st March 2014

Senior doctors say the budget will not help the crippling shortfall in the NHS.

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Increased healthcare budgets are not the answer, says report.

22nd January 2014

Only 40% of life expectancy improvements are due to improved healthcare spending.

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Real term cuts for CCGs

18th December 2013

NHS England considering some real term budget cuts for some CCGs in 2014/15.

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