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Friday 2nd December 2016

France Articles


New bird flu strain in France

17th December 2015

First cases of H5N3 bird flu found in France.

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NHS patients could be sent to France

8th September 2015

New deal could see NHS patients in Kent being sent to France for surgery.

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New SARS-like virus identified in France

9th May 2013

New strain of coronavirus has been reported in France.

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Contaminated horsemeat sold for food

25th January 2013

The FSA admits contaminated horses were exported to France for food.

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Truth-telling linked to better health

6th August 2012

A French study finds a link between truth-telling and a reduction in mental and physical health problems.

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Weight loss drug responsible for 1,300 deaths

10th February 2012

A diabetes drug that is widely prescribed as a weight loss aid has killed at least 1,300 people in France.

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Fillers could be next cosmetic scandal

4th January 2012

Experts have warned patients using anti-ageing injections could be at risk as the market is largely unregulated.

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E coli outbreak in France linked to British seeds

27th June 2011

An investigation is underway for a possible link between seeds sold by a UK firm and an outbreak of E coli in France.

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Children ill with E coli after eating burgers

17th June 2011

Six children are seriously ill in France after eating burgers infected with E coli from German meat.

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Niger radiation poisoning scandal

13th April 2010

Waste from the country's uranium mines is poisoning its people, recent reports have warned.

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