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Sunday 27th May 2018

Artemisinin Articles


Malaria resistance spreads across Asia

10th April 2012

Experts warn that artemisinin based therapies may lose their effectiveness, sparking a public health disaster.

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Drug resistant malaria found

3rd August 2009

Scientists have found form of malaria that resists the drug artemisinin and are concerned that it could spread globally.

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Malaria 'shows new resistance'

2nd June 2009

Scientists are puzzling over why malaria parasites seem to be developing resistance to the latest drugs.

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Technology could wipe out malaria

24th November 2008

Emerging technologies could help eradicate malaria, says a report.

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Malaria treatment hope

9th June 2008

New technique based on ancient Chinese herbal remedy could save more than a million children.

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Low quality malaria drugs found

20th May 2008

A study in six African cities found sub-standard drugs in more than a third of cases.

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Malaria drugs scam exposed

12th February 2008

Scientists and police expose Southeast Asian trade in fake malaria drugs.

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WHO, China in malaria standoff

20th March 2007

The UN body targets Kunming Pharmaceutical over resistance fears.

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Study finds flaws in malaria care

28th February 2007

Malaria is overdiagnosed throughout Africa, meaning drugs aren't directed to children.

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Cheap malaria drugs boosted

19th February 2007

Studies yield knowledge of growing conditions and extraction methods.

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