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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Brain Damage Articles


Brain damage caused by depression

16th July 2015

Study finds persistent depression can damage parts of the brain.

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'Permanent brain damage' from migraines

29th August 2013

A study has found migraines can cause permanent brain damage especially in those who experience flashing lights before.

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Boy awarded £7m by hospital

10th January 2013

Boy, who was left brain damaged at birth, has been awarded several million in damages.

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Brain damage linked to contact sports

4th December 2012

A study finds evidence of degenerative brain disease in samples from deceased US sporting heroes.

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Youth offending linked to brain injury

19th October 2012

Research suggests brain injuries sustained by young people is linked to them commiting crimes.

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Devastating brain conditions could be treated by one pill

25th July 2012

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, strokes and MS are amongst the conditions which could be treated by the drug, which is currently being trialed.

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£7.3m awarded to brain damaged girl

22nd February 2012

Lister Hospital has awarded £7.3m to girl left brain damaged after premature birth.

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Headers can 'damage brain'

29th November 2011

Doctors warn frequently heading a football can lead to brain injury.

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Hope for head injury patients

14th November 2011

Scientists discover a way to communicate with brain damaged patients.

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Sound test to identify locked-in patients

13th May 2011

Researchers believe they have discovered a new way of telling whether patients are in a vegetative state or not.

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