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Wednesday 18th October 2017

Haemophilia Articles


Gene therapy for haemophilia shows promise

12th December 2011

Study in UK and the US suggests one injection could be enough for people with haemophilia B.

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Immunisation against infectious disease

11th October 2010

The latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for all the vaccine preventable infectious diseases that may occur in the UK.

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Clashes over tainted drug claim

3rd January 2010

A Chinese company is accused of spreading HIV/AIDS.

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Royal 'cursed' blood disorder identified

12th October 2009

DNA analysis has identified the blood disorder that 'cursed' the British Royal Family.

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Haemophiliac vCJD confirmed

17th February 2009

First corroborated case of vCJD in a patient with haemophilia.

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Joint damage protection

13th August 2007

Children with haemophilia A can be protected from joint damage by infusions of clotting factor VIII.

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Inquiry into contaminated blood

18th April 2007

An independent public inquiry is underway regarding supply of contaminated blood to NHS.

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Contaminated blood inquiry

19th February 2007

An independent public inquiry is to be held into the supply of contaminated blood to haemophiliacs.

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