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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Spine Articles


NHS IT spine successfully migrated

8th September 2014

The NHS core IT system has migrated onto a new system in a hope to improve integration of data and information systems.

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Identity Agent software launched by Microsoft

21st November 2012

Software launched to enable NHS staff using modern Microsoft Windows system to connect to NHS Spine.

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Medtronic edited spine surgery product reviews

25th October 2012

Senate report suggests Medtronic Inc edited health journal articles and paid physicians for company-sponsored studies of its Infuse bone graft product.

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Quicksilva and Mayden connect fifteen Primary Care Trust psychotherapy services to NHS spine

2nd October 2012

First ITK approved solution means psychological therapy services across the country now able to access and share patient data via spine mini service.

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'Neck cracking' not advisable

8th June 2012

Experts say spine manipulation, a common chiropractic treatment, should be abandoned.

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Are school bags harming your child's spine?

15th May 2012

Back specialists are concerned the weight of child's school bag could cause back problems.

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Misdiagnoses leaves British composer in wheelchair

10th May 2012

Hospital misdiagnosed fractured spine as a urine infection leaving British composer in a wheelchair.

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SCR viewer switched on at TPP

8th December 2011

SCR viewer allows SystmOne users to view summary care record of any patient who has summary record on the NHS Spine.

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Exercise beneficial for spinal discs

1st July 2011

Researchers say physical exercise has a positive effect on cells in the spinal discs.

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Old bones could aid back pain research

2nd March 2011

Researchers are using bones of people who died up to 100 years ago to develop new treatments for back pain.

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