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Saturday 26th May 2018

Global Warming Articles


Cholera outbreaks not linked to global warming

10th August 2011

A study is challenging claim.

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Global warming will increase heart problems

11th August 2010

Experts warn that more people will die of heart problems due to the climate change.

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Threat from global warming on health

13th July 2010

Scientists look at the threat on public health from extreme weather.

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Carbon footprint health risks

3rd March 2010

Consultant paediatrician, Dr Tony Waterston, warns of health risks of a big carbon footprint.

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Could global warming cut deaths?

13th February 2008

Report says overall global warming could mean fewer deaths.

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Global warming heart warning

22nd November 2007

Researchers report global warming may increase deaths from heart failure.

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Exclusion zones around schools

13th August 2007

A report calls for exclusion zones for cars around schools to make parents and children walk.

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The carbon debt of medical junkets

21st February 2007

Doctors contribute to a global health threat by flying to conferences.

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