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Thursday 24th May 2018

Climate Change Articles


Special initiative launched to address climate change

13th November 2017

A special initiative has been launched to protect people living in Small Island Developing States from the heath impacts of climate change.

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Climate change threatens human health

25th June 2015

Report says climate change is a major threat to global health.

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Health woes will worsen

24th September 2014

Climate change in United States may soon exacerbate many existing health risks according to new study.

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Global warming will increase heart problems

11th August 2010

Experts warn that more people will die of heart problems due to the climate change.

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Carbon footprint health risks

3rd March 2010

Consultant paediatrician, Dr Tony Waterston, warns of health risks of a big carbon footprint.

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Health to be centre of fight against climate change

26th November 2009

Andy Burham to say health should be at the centre of fight against climate change at lauch of new report.

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The biggest threat to health is the climate

15th May 2009

The Lancet suggests climate change is the biggest global health threat.

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Could global warming cut deaths?

13th February 2008

Report says overall global warming could mean fewer deaths.

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The carbon debt of medical junkets

21st February 2007

Doctors contribute to a global health threat by flying to conferences.

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