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Saturday 26th May 2018

Ipad Articles


iPad app for GPs

9th December 2013

iPad app developed by INPS to give GPs secure access to their Vision patient records.

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iPads on wards in Ipswich

2nd December 2013

Patient records accessed using iPads at Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.

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1,600 iPhones bought by NHS England

11th November 2013

During its first year NHS England has spent more than £670,000 on iPhones and iPads.

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Emis records accessed through personal iPads

7th August 2013

A pilot scheme being run by Informatics Merseyside sees clinicians using their personal iPads to acess Emis records.

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Apps used to collect CQUIN data

8th March 2013

Thirty apps will be used at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust to collect patient data.

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iPads could help people with 'low vision' read easier

13th November 2012

A new study suggests iPads and other tablets can help people with 'low vision' read faster and easier.

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iPads deployed at Great Ormond Street

12th June 2012

iPads and iMacs are deployed at Great Ormond Street's cardiology department.

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Parents who constantly use mobiles guilty of 'neglect'

22nd May 2012

An expert suggests parents who frequently use mobiles, laptops and other devices could be guilty of 'benign neglect'.

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iPad apps put into rehab at Wirral

10th May 2012

iPad apps to be incorporated into patients' rehabilitation processes at Wirral Community NHS Trust.

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iPads increase efficiency

14th March 2012

Providing iPads to medical residents increases their efficiency.

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