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Monday 16th September 2019

Addiction Articles


Prescription drug addiction to be reviewed

24th January 2018

Public Health England is to launch a review into prescription drug addiction.

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Call to tackle prescription addiction

20th December 2013

Group of MPs say up to 1.5m people could be addicted to prescription drugs.

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Pharmacists selling drugs illegally

17th December 2012

BBC investigation exposes numerous chemists illegally selling dangerous and addictive drugs.

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40m Americans addicted to cigarettes

29th June 2012

New research finds around 16% of the US aged 12 and over are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.

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US sees sharp rise in opiate babies

1st May 2012

A medical study has found babies born in the US with symptoms of opiate withdrawal has risen threefold in the 10 years up to 2009.

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Technique rewrites addicts' memories

17th April 2012

Researchers in China have developed a new approach to traditional drug rehabilitation programmes.

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Are brains wired for addiction?

3rd February 2012

Scientists believe abnormalities in brain make some people more likely to become drug addicts.

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What's wrong with a diet coke addiction?

12th October 2011

Some people just like it.

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Sunbed users show same brain changes as drug addicts

12th August 2011

Research suggests sunbeds are as addictive as drugs.

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GPs routinely prescribe drugs to addicts

27th July 2011

A survey finds prescriptions of sleeping pills and painkillers is on the increase.

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