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Monday 19th August 2019

Mcdonalds Articles


More salt in pesto sauces than a McDonald's burger

4th October 2017

A campaign group has found salt content in some pesto sauces has increased.

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McDonald's under pressure to ban antibiotics

12th August 2016

Pressure put on McDonald's to impose a global ban on products from animals treated with antibiotics.

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McDonald's restaurants shut in Russia

26th August 2014

Russia temporarily close a fifth McDonald's restaurant as a result of mass unscheduled inspections.

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McDonald's adds calorie counts to menus

18th September 2012

The hamburger chain will now tell diners how many calories are in its Big Mac. (It's 550, by the way.)

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'Healthy' drink launched by McDonald's

9th May 2012

In an effort to improve health credentials of its children's meals McDonald's to release Fruitizz, found to contain 12 spoonfuls of sugar.

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McDonald's to put calorie information on menus

6th September 2011

The DH has announced McDonald's is to introduce calorie information on menus throughout its UK restaurants.

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McDonald's Happy Meal's changing

27th July 2011

McDonald's to add fruit to its children's meal to reduce calorie count by 20%.

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McDonald's stops tomato sales

10th June 2008

McDonald's stop tomato sales as US health officials try to find source of a Salmonella outbreak.

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Hospital power from burgers?

19th September 2007

Eleven McDonald restaurants taking part in scheme where waste will be turned into electricity.

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Charles says 'ban McDonalds'

27th February 2007

The Prince of Wales advises a nutritionist that banning the fast food chain is the key to health.

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