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Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Wireless Articles


Global wireless health market growing

17th September 2013

Report finds the global wireless health market has hit growth mode.

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Wireless technology implemented at Bedford

1st August 2013

Wireless technology has been implemented at Bedford which means clinicians can gain access to systems on handheld devices.

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Blood test device to sit under skin

20th March 2013

Scientists say they have developed an 'under the skin' blood testing device.

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Wireless sensor monitors diabetic's from the inside

29th July 2010

The implantable sensor will measure blood sugar levels and transmit information wirelessly.

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Cisco wireless at Welsh hospitals

21st May 2008

Welsh hospitals are now using Cisco wireless technology.

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Wireless technology at hospital

15th January 2008

Wireless technology used to treat patients at bedside and monitor bed occupancy.

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WiFi: a warning signal

21st May 2007

Panorama reveals WiFi radiation levels are 3x higher than mobile masts.

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WiFi linked to ADHD

23rd April 2007

Teaching union warns that wireless connections could be unhealthy for children and staff.

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Sherwood Forest goes wireless

26th February 2007

Staff are to benefit from new wireless voice badges.

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