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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Hunger Articles


Can scientists 'switch off' hunger?

27th April 2015

Researchers have identified brain cells that cause hunger pangs.

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Hunger cravings tamed with serotonin

20th September 2012

Researchers find a way to tame hunger cravings.

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Four patients a day die from hunger

23rd January 2012

New figures suggest four patients a day die from hunger or thirst in hospital.

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High food prices boost starvation risk

3rd January 2012

Feeding people is cheaper than treating malnutrition and related health problems, new UN food chief says.

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Global hunger crisis warning

9th June 2011

Oxfam launches global campaign to inform public of potential food shortage.

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Thinking about fat could help you lose weight

7th June 2011

Study suggests thinking about calories could lower your levels of a hunger hormone.

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Still much to do on child health

10th December 2007

Unicef says more must be done to make the world fit for children by 2015.

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Rein in appetite

20th September 2007

Experts say if you choose foods that help curb hunger you can eat more and still lose weight.

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Child hunger grows in Djibouti

1st March 2007

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