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Saturday 22nd October 2016

Womens Health Articles


Women's mental health needs not being considered

26th September 2016

Campaigners warn, despite rise in female suicide, women's mental health needs are not being considered adequately.

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Migraines linked to death in women

2nd June 2016

Study suggests women diagnosed with migraines have a slightly increased chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

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Heart disease linked to endometriosis

30th March 2016

Women with endometriosis at higher risk of heart disease according to a new study.

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Women ignoring deadly symptoms

29th February 2016

Women are too busy and failing to go to the doctor with potentially life-threatening symptoms.

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Obesity biggest threat to women

11th December 2015

Report suggests obesity is the biggest threat to women in England.

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Women's social connectedness tied to suicide risk

30th July 2015

Women who were the most socially connected were 75% less likely, than the least-connected, to die by suicide.

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Women more susceptible to dementia

22nd July 2015

New study finds women at greater risk of dementia than men.

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Lung cancer in women reaches 20,000 a year

1st July 2015

Cases of lung cancer in women in the UK has topped 20,000 a year.

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Female life expectancy drops

7th April 2015

Female life expectancy has dropped significantly for the first time since 1995.

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Lung cancer deaths in women has risen

29th January 2015

Researchers say lung cancer fatalities will be higher than breast cancer for the first time this year.

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