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Monday 28th May 2018

Parasite Articles


Smartphone used to scan blood

7th May 2015

Smartphone has been used to detect parasites in blood samples.

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Malaria can change body odour

1st July 2014

Research finds malaria parasites can manipulate the body odour of mice.

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Hope in fight against malaria

10th May 2013

Strain of bacteria found by researchers that can make mosquitoes resistant to malaria parasite.

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Pig worms to treat autoimmune diseases

4th September 2012

Coronado Biosciences Inc are developing a new class of treatments for autoimmune conditions.

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Chemically altered bone drug could fight malaria

29th February 2012

Researchers say modified osteoporosis drug kills malaria parasite in mice.

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Anti-malaria drugs new target

17th December 2007

UK researchers say targeting key protein may help overcome malaria parasite's resistance.

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Placenta acts as parasite

9th November 2007

Researchers discover placenta acts as a parasite to avoid attack by mother's immune system.

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Gene secrets of elephantiasis

24th September 2007

Scientists unravel genetic blueprint of parasite that causes elephantiasis.

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China's schistosomiasis finding

27th July 2007

Team finds a group of proteins which could be targeted in future drug development.

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Guinea worm clings on in Nigeria

5th March 2007

The parasite is fighting a rearguard action although eradication seems close.

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