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Tuesday 24th April 2018

Passive Articles


Mental health link to secondhand smoke

11th June 2010

A study reports people exposed to secondhand smoke are more at risk of mental health problems.

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Scots parents urged not to smoke at home

26th March 2010

On the fourth anniversary of smoking ban in Scotland, parents are urged to stop smoking at home to protect young children.

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Call for smoking ban in all vehicles

24th March 2010

Doctors urge smoking ban in all cars to protect the young.

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Passive smoke risk for smokers too

29th January 2010

Study shows secondhand smoke adds to risk for smokers as well and non-smokers.

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Global threat from passive smoking

10th December 2009

WHO warns of threat from passive smoking.

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Dementia risk from passive smoke

3rd May 2007

New research says passive smoke may increase risk of dementia.

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Passive smoking campaign

5th March 2007

The government has launched an advertising campaign to raise awareness of passive smoke exposure.

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