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Monday 16th September 2019

Peanuts Articles


New research on effects of peanut products

7th March 2016

New research backs up study in 2015 which claimed early exposure to peanut products could cut risk of allergy by 80%.

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Eat peanuts early to cut allergy risk

24th February 2015

A study suggests eating peanut products as a baby cuts risk of peanut allergy.

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Roasted peanuts worse for allergies

22nd September 2014

Research suggests roasted peanuts are more likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

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Potential peanut allergy treatment 'successful'

30th January 2014

A large clinical trial has transformed lives of children living with a peanut allergy, say doctors.

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Peanut company linked to salmonella outbreak

15th October 2012

Peanut butter recalled in salmonella outbreak.

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Peanut butter recalled nationwide

25th September 2012

Salmonella outbreak traced to peanut butter and almond oil sold at Target and other stores.

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More training in lifesaving needed

10th February 2012

More people need to be trained in lifesaving.

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One in 50 suffer peanut allergy

23rd August 2011

Some studies suggest the incidence of peanut allergies have doubled every 10 years.

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'Gene flaw' linked to peanut allergy

11th March 2011

Scientists have found a gene defect that can triple the chance of a child developing a peanut allergy.

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UK news 11/2/11

10th February 2011

A round up of UK health news over the past week.

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