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Monday 21st May 2018

Antiretroviral Articles


Bone-marrow transplant clears HIV virus

3rd July 2013

Two men with HIV have bone-marrow transplants after developing lymphoma.

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Early treatment of HIV could slow down virus

17th January 2013

Researchers say early drugs for HIV could be the future of treatment.

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HIV treatment reduces transmission rates

4th December 2012

The level of protection is lower in real life than in a clinical trial, Chinese researchers find.

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New World AIDS Day data shows fewer children born with HIV, but UNITAID cautions against neglecting those living with the disease

27th November 2012

UNITAID welcomes the good news this World AIDS Day that the number of children newly infected with HIV continues to decline.

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HIV drug resistance can be managed

24th July 2012

A new report from WHO says HIV drug resistance is present but can be managed.

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Asian children show HIV drug resistance

6th December 2011

Studies show many clinics are treating children with adult doses of older antiretrovirals.

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HIV patients in Swaziland eat dung

28th July 2011

AIDS activists say some patients are so poor they are eating cow dung before taking anti-retroviral drugs.

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China HIV-related deaths fall

19th May 2011

Researchers say, free antiretroviral drugs have cut deaths in China by more than 60%.

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AIDS prevention 'breakthrough'

18th May 2011

Research shows antiretroviral drugs can prevent transmission of HIV.

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Gangs stealing HIV drugs

1st March 2011

HIV sufferers in South Africa live in fear of being robbed of their anti-retroviral drugs.

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