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Wednesday 18th September 2019

Robot Articles


Super hospital opens in Glasgow

29th April 2015

A new £842m super hospital opens its doors in Glasgow with 26 robot porters operating in the basement.

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Stroke rehab robot trialled

10th July 2014

Northumbria starts five-year trial of stroke rehabilitation robots.

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Giraff robot for dementia sufferers trialled

27th May 2014

The GiraffPlus project for dementia patients, funded by the EU, is set to go into commercial production next year.

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Sheffield surgeons helped by robots

23rd October 2013

Sheffield has brought in robots to help surgeons.

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Cancer wait pressure at Royal Devon

15th August 2013

New technology has created extra demand at Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust and has caused the trust to miss cancer waiting targets.

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Dementia patients get help from robots

10th July 2013

Pilot scheme will see robots put in homes of people with dementia to help keep them at home for longer.

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Robot helps children with autism

2nd May 2013

Study has found Kelly the robot helps some children tackle autism.

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Robotic arm controlled by thoughts

18th December 2012

A US study says a paralysed woman can now control a robotic arm using brain impulses alone.

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Robotic open-heart surgery performed at New Cross Hospital

23rd October 2012

Da Vinci robot used in first ever open-heart surgery in Britain.

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Robots to help remote assessment between hospitals

22nd August 2012

A Northern Ireland Health Trust is first to use a robot to allow specialists in one hospital remotely assess patients in another.

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