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Thursday 24th May 2018

Urine Articles


Urine test can reveal how healthy diet is

13th January 2017

UK scientists develop a urine test that reveals what you really eat.

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Could urine test predict risk of pre-term birth?

11th July 2014

Researchers say urine test could predict pre-term birth risk in first trimester.

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What colour is your urine?

5th December 2013

Doctors at US medical centre draw up a diagram to illustrate what is normal urine and what is not.

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Check for blood in your urine

15th October 2013

Public health campaign says to check for blood in urine, even if it is just once, as it could be a sign of cancer.

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Urine test for bladder cancer

9th July 2013

Device made by UK scientists that can 'smell' bladder cancer in urine samples.

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Camel urine may yield cure for cancer

5th February 2013

Researchers in Saudi Arabia are waiting for approval to proceed with further trials of a substance extracted from camel urine.

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Cheap new test for lymphatic filariasis

6th November 2012

An international team of researchers has developed a simple but effective urine test to diagnose lymphatic filariasis.

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Misdiagnoses leaves British composer in wheelchair

10th May 2012

Hospital misdiagnosed fractured spine as a urine infection leaving British composer in a wheelchair.

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Food 'fingerprint' test developed

17th January 2012

University scientists develop a 'dipstick' test for urine to discover what someone has eaten.

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UK news 03/09/10

3rd September 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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