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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Morning After Pill Articles


Coil more effective than morning-after pill

9th September 2016

New guidance says women should be advised that a coil is more effective than morning-after pill for emergency contraception.

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Morning after pill to be available to under 16s

16th June 2015

In a bid to reduce teenage pregnancies the morning after pill is to be made available to girls under 16.

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Age restriction on morning after pill to be lifted

8th April 2013

US judge orders government to make the morning after pill available over the counter to girls of all ages.

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Morning-after pill use rising

19th February 2013

Report says the number of US women using the morning-after pill has significantly risen in last decade.

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Morning after pill to be delivered by courier

17th April 2012

A new service launched that allows women to order the morning after pill online so it arrives in two hours.

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Morning-after pill offered free

6th December 2011

Charity offering emergency contraception by post over the holiday period.

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Christian chemists fear they could face the sack

9th August 2011

Christian pharmacists fear they could be 'forced out' if they refuse to give out morning-after pill.

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Morning-after pill free in Wales

1st April 2011

Emergency contraception is now free in pharmacies across Wales.

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India's 'morning after' pill use soars

27th July 2010

The government fears women are misusing the drugs, which are touted as a safe alternative to illegal abortion.

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Teens should stock up on morning-after pill

26th May 2010

NICE advise young women to have supplies of morning-after pill at home for emergencies.

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