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Saturday 26th May 2018

Artificial Articles


A foam heart could replace your own

2nd October 2015

Researchers have built an artificial pumping heart.

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Aspartame is 'safe'

11th December 2013

European food regulators conclude that the artificial sweetener, aspartame, is safe.

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Weight gain from artificial sweetners?

11th July 2013

Expert suggests artificial sweetners may encourage weight gain rather than weight loss.

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Artificial poo could be key in fight against superbugs

11th January 2013

Scientists develop synthetic 'poo' that could be key to curing deadly superbugs.

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Artificial sweeteners are dangerous

3rd May 2012

Sweeteners and flavour enhancers break down into toxic chemical agents that can damage important parts of the body.

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Record for young boy with artificial heart

11th April 2012

Doctors say 251 days is a record for keeping child alive.

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Artificial meat created

20th February 2012

Artificial meat successfully grown in vat of bovine foetal stem cells.

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Artificial testicle to help infertile men

20th January 2012

Scientists say an artificial testicle could help solve male infertility.

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Limb artifically regrown

28th September 2011

Hampshire woman has part of limb regrown and put back in her body.

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Artificial blood vessels in 3D

19th September 2011

3D printing could soon be used for transplants of lab-created organs.

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