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Tuesday 24th April 2018

Chickenpox Articles


Chickenpox vaccine to be offered on High Street

14th July 2017

Superdrug to offer chickenpox vaccine at 58 of its specialist stores at a cost of £130 for a two-dose course.

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Sunlight could impede spread of chickenpox

19th December 2011

Researchers say exposure to sunlight could help stop spread of chickenpox.

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Chickenpox lolly sellers may face charges

15th November 2011

Those who sold infected confectionery could now face federal criminal charges as experts say vaccination is still the best option.

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Pillows breed pests

23rd June 2011

Pillows are ideal breeding grounds for an array of pests and diseases say scientists.

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Chickenpox may protect against skin condition

5th August 2010

Children who get chickenpox may be less likely to develop dermatitis and asthma.

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UK news 23/4/10

24th April 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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You can suffer chicken pox again

23rd April 2010

Man suffers chicken pox after attending a 'pox' party with his children, mistakenly thinking he was immune.

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Why don't we use vaccine for chickenpox?

10th March 2010

It is peak season for chickenpox and we have a safe and effective vaccine - so why don't we use it?

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Vaccine for shingles a step closer

1st February 2010

Jab could cut the amount of cases by 50%, according to patient groups.

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Chickepox risk high without vaccination

5th January 2010

Many parents still refuse to have their children vaccinated against chickenpox.

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