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Monday 21st May 2018

Sleeping Articles


Warning about sleeping with contact lenses in

24th August 2015

Warning issued about sleeping with contact lenses in after man goes blind in one eye.

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Brain continues to be active while we sleep

12th September 2014

Research finds brain in still active while we are asleep.

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Do you have semi-somnia?

26th November 2012

One-in-three Britons suffer sleep problems.

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Sleeping with a pet can make you ill

25th January 2011

Research suggests sleeping with a pet increases your chances of catching something.

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Having a rest is just as good as sleep

22nd September 2010

A US sleep specialist suggests putting your feet up is as good as sleeping.

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Long term sleeping pill use can cause death

10th September 2010

Experts warn sleeping pill users increase risk of dying early.

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Risk of cancer reduced by sleeping in darkened room

9th September 2010

Researchers say sleeping in a completely darkened bedroom reduces risk of developing cancer.

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Over two years 25 babies died while sleeping with adults

27th May 2010

Statistics show at least 25 babies have died while sleeping with adults on sofa.

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Drinking can cause sleep problems

18th February 2010

Drinkers are not aware that alcohol can cause sleeping problems.

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Alzheimer's link to lack of sleep

25th September 2009

A lack of sleep could help toxic plaques develop in the brain which accelerates the progression of Alzheimer's.

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