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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Pills Articles


Exercise a good medicine

2nd October 2013

A study has found exercise can be as good a medicine as pills.

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Microchips to be embedded in drugs

2nd December 2010

Novartis is planning a new generation of pills.

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It's good to talk

15th October 2010

Talking therapy for depression not pills.

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Prescription drug use rising

29th March 2010

Research finds average number of prescriptions per head has increased from eight to over 16 in past two decades.

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Caution: coloured medication and the colour blind

7th September 2009

Colour is a good way to differentiate tablets and their containers because it enables more immediate recognition than words on labels.

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Modest weight loss from fat pills

16th November 2007

Research says patients who take anti-obesity drugs only lose 'modest' amounts of weight.

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Diabetes pills 'unjust'

26th April 2007

US scientists say drugs to prevent diabetes is not justifable when life changes are as effective.

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Death by diet pills

24th April 2007

Weight loss drugs sold online to British women can cause strokes, panic attacks and even death.

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Warning on sleeping pills

15th March 2007

US FDA warns about strange and potentially dangerous side effects from prescription sleeping pills.

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