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Sunday 27th May 2018

Lifespan Articles


Exercise your way to longer life

20th November 2012

Faster cyclists live longer, but even moderate amounts of exercise can extend life, according to two recent studies.

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Getting along with co-workers increases lifespan

8th August 2011

According to research a postive relationship with your co-workers has long-term health benefits.

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20-year-olds three times more likely to reach 100 than their grandparents

5th August 2011

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Today's 20 year olds more likely to reach 100

5th August 2011

Official figures show young people are three times more likely to live to 100 than their grandparents.

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Gene limits male lifespan

9th December 2009

Japanese research suggests a gene present in sperm can limit a man's lifetime.

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Lifespan gene clue

3rd May 2007

A study shows that severe calorie restriction extends lifespan in mice and other species.

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Love increases lifespan

19th March 2007

A government expert says that those of us who feel loved live longer.

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