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Wednesday 26th November 2014

Eating Disorders Articles


Charity wants sale of laxatives regulated

17th October 2014

Beat, the eating disorder charity, has called for the sale of laxatives to be more strictly regulated.

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Young men with eating disorders 'overlooked'

9th April 2014

Researchers say young men with eating disorders are not getting the help they need.

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Advice for parents on anorexia

24th February 2014

Eating disorder awareness charity has some advice for parents of children who have been looking at websites promoting anorexia.

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England eating disorders up by 8%

6th February 2014

Women 9 times more likely than men to be admitted to hospital for eating disorders.

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Fad diet form of eating disorder

4th December 2013

Health professionals are warning weight-loss obsessed girls are eating cotton balls soaked in lemon juice.

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Unrecognised eating disorders in young men

6th November 2013

New study shows young men can also have eating disorders.

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Eating disorders rising in Australia

12th December 2012

Nearly one million Australians are in the grips of an eating disorder according to study.

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Eating disorders, hospital admissions rise

12th October 2012

Official figures show a rise in hospital admissions for eating disorders.

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Children with eating disorders deprived of 'vital treatment'

1st August 2012

An expert tells Newsnight that he is seeing 'increasing numbers' of children under 10 with anorexia.

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Parents fear talking to children about weight

2nd July 2012

Some parents believe talking to their children about their weight could lead to them developing an eating disorder.

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