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Saturday 23rd June 2018

Social Articles


Women's social connectedness tied to suicide risk

30th July 2015

Women who were the most socially connected were 75% less likely, than the least-connected, to die by suicide.

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Study suggests social interaction can 'ease pain'

18th October 2012

New study says companionship and social interaction could ease pain linked to nerve damage.

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Social networks relax the heart rate

9th February 2012

Psychological study finds social networking sites like Facebook may actually be good for you.

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Social gene can be spotted in seconds

15th November 2011

Researchers say people can spot a certain 'social gene' in just 20 seconds.

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The pill makes parts of the brain bigger

18th August 2010

Taking the contraceptive pill enhances the area of the brain for memory and social skills.

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Good friends boosts survival chances

28th July 2010

Researchers believe caring about others makes us take better care of ourselves.

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Socialising can help fight cancer

13th July 2010

Research shows that the stress of interaction causes tumours to shrink and even go into remission.

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Health Systems Governance in Europe

29th January 2010

There is a fundamental contradiction at the core of health policy in the EU that makes it difficult to draw a line between EU and Member State responsibilities.

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UK news 4/12/09

3rd December 2009

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Social workers to get more rewards

2nd December 2009

Social workers will need a licence to practise under new reforms and pay will be improved for more experienced.

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