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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Antibiotic Articles


US scientists re-engineer vital antibiotic

31st May 2017

US scientists' new version of antibiotic is designed to be ultra-tough and could wipe out one of the world's most threatening superbugs.

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Governments should joint fight against superbugs

21st January 2016

Drug companies urge governments around the world to commit money to overcome technical and scientific challenges of antibiotic discovery and development.

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Countries not protecting antibiotics

30th April 2015

World Health Organisation says most countries do not have plans to preserve antimicrobial medicines.

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Call for 'national rollback' targets on anitbiotics

7th November 2014

In an attempt to halt the rise of antibiotic resistance medical professionals call for a national rollback on antibiotic prescribing targets.

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Antibiotics raise risk of childhood obesity

30th September 2014

US researchers say repeated courses of antibiotics for young children increases the risk of them becoming obese.

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Antibiotics linked to obesity

15th August 2014

Research suggests early exposure to antibiotics could put young children and babies at risk of obesity.

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40% rise in antibiotics use for colds

5th August 2014

A study has found the proportion of patients given antibiotics for colds has risen 40% this century despite efforts to cut use.

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Less than 1% being spent on antibiotic research

28th July 2014

A study shows less than 1% of research funding is spent to research antibiotics.

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Antibiotic approved for skin infections

29th May 2014

The FDA has approved an antibiotic to treat MRSA and other deadly skin infections.

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Antibiotic prescribing still too high

7th October 2013

Study finds despite efforts to reduce antibiotics prescribing it still remains too high.

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