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Thursday 24th May 2018

Bones Articles


Dairy-free diets warning

12th April 2017

Charity is warning young people about dairy-free diets which could put their bone health at risk.

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Nutrition builds stronger bones

2nd July 2015

Build stronger bones by keeping key nutrients in mind when planning meals.

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Prostate cancer drug to help protect bones

30th March 2012

New prostate cancer drug that protects bones approved for use on the NHS.

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Vitamin E could be bad for bones

5th March 2012

Japanese scientists claim vitamin E supplements could be interfering with the process that keeps bones healthy.

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Bone fracture risk: quantity and quality important

31st August 2011

New research shows that loss of bone quality is just as important as loss of bone mass.

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What do those clicking joints mean?

28th September 2010

Painless noise is nothing to worry about, but if pain accompanies the noise, it could become significant.

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Stem cells to repair bones

10th May 2010

Protein that makes stem cells divide can repair bones three times faster than normal.

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Nutrition study

4th May 2010

Scientists try to figure out why cola may cause calcium to be drawn out of bones.

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NHS news 11/12/09

11th December 2009

A round up of NHS news over the past week.

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Osteoporosis patients to get limited drug choice

9th December 2009

Latest NICE ruling says osteoporosis patients will receive limited drug choice until condition worsens.

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