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Monday 22nd July 2019

Spending Articles


Spending cuts for mental health

6th May 2015

Figures seen by the BBC suggest mental health trusts are forecasting cuts to funding over next four years.

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Private ambulance spending risen 82%

21st October 2014

NHS spending on private ambulances has almost doubled in two years.

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NHS savings claims questioned

13th December 2012

Claims of savings of £5.8bn questioned by public spending watchdog.

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Mental health expenditure falls for the first time in 10 years

8th August 2012

Mental health spending down 1% in 2011-12, with elderly care showing biggest cuts.

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£10,000 saved on power in South Essex

20th October 2011

Use of energy management software sees annual spend at South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust reduced by £10,000 annually.

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Taxis cost NHS millions

20th October 2011

The BBC has learned the NHS has spent more than £30m on taxis since 2008 for patients.

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Health secretary spending queried

3rd October 2011

Health secretary says health spending to rise.

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NHS should shop smarter

27th September 2011

Government is aiming to help the NHS make £15 billion of savings by 2014 by using better procurement strategies.

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£1m spent on consultants last year

7th June 2011

According to data from the DH the chief nursing officer spent nearly £1m on consultants.

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Worst health cuts for Wales

25th May 2011

A review of spending suggests Wales is facing 'worst health cuts'.

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