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Monday 21st May 2018

Epidemiology Articles


People help spread dengue fever

5th February 2013

Targeting the homes infected with pesticides won't stop them taking the disease to their friend's house, a study finds.

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Roads linked to HIV spread in Africa

15th January 2013

Africa's road networks are 'hotbeds' of HIV.

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People are living longer, but are sicker

14th December 2012

Study reveals people around the world live longer but with higher levels of sickness.

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How C diff travels the world

11th December 2012

Strains of the superbug mutate and spread rapidly, once they become resistant to antibiotics.

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Staff work flat out on meningitis outbreak

16th October 2012

US health officials are working all hours to stay ahead of the outbreak of rare, fungal outbreak of meningitis.

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New virus found linked to Middle East

24th September 2012

A Qatari man is being treated in the UK after infection with a SARS-like virus with possible links to Saudi Arabia.

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HIV tests could become routine in US

20th August 2012

A US health panel may soon recommend HIV testing be made standard clinical practice.

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Countries fail to report cholera outbreaks

20th March 2012

New estimates suggest cholera infections are 10 times higher than the figures reported to the WHO.

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New drug-resistant TB found in India

17th January 2012

Drug-resistant strains of TB have been reported for the first time in India.

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Measles makes comeback in Europe

21st June 2011

Measles is still endemic in many parts of Europe despite an effective vaccine against the disease.

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