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Sunday 21st July 2019

Counselling Articles


Sharp rise in children contacting Childline about online porn

18th October 2016

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Heart failure patients need counselling for depression

26th May 2015

Scientists say heart failure victims should be screened for depression and offered counselling.

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Talk therapy reduces suicide risk

24th November 2014

A US study suggests suicide risk is reduced with talk therapy sessions.

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Mental health counselling on the NHS

31st October 2013

Andy Burham to promise the right to mental health counselling on the NHS.

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Counselling could ease rheumatoid arthritis

28th June 2012

Scientists say counselling could help manage rheumatiod arthritis sufferers' pain.

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Abbott quits abortion group

27th January 2012

A shadow health minister has resigned from an abortion counselling group.

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Abortion advice change rejected

8th September 2011

A bid to change law on abortion advice has been rejected by MPs.

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Child mental health services 'not good enough'

2nd February 2011

Child mental health services lag behind adult provision.

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It's good to talk

15th October 2010

Talking therapy for depression not pills.

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Young wait three years for mental health treatment

14th October 2010

Where you live depends on how quickly you get to talk to a counsellor.

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