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Saturday 21st April 2018

Spinal Articles


Patients stranded in hospitals

12th January 2018

Data shared with HSJ shows almost a quarter of patients with serious spinal injuries in England unable to leave hospital for months.

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Drugs for cancer may treat spinal cord injury

1st June 2015

A study in mice finds a group of drugs being tested for cancer could also treat spinal injuries.

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North Bristol to refuse new spinal referrals

13th October 2014

North Bristol Trust is to refuse new referrals after finding patients were waiting more than a year for procedures.

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Spinal stimulation helps paralysed men move their legs

8th April 2014

US doctors report men who received electrical stimulation to their spine are now able to move their legs.

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Paralysed rats can walk again

1st June 2012

Scientists say spinal therapy on rats offers hope to humans who have been paralysed.

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Ease back pain while driving

14th October 2011

The best way is to take a break frequently and adopt a good posture.

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Man-made spinal discs could be available in a decade

2nd August 2011

The 'living' discs have only been tested on animals, but US researchers believe the approach holds hope for people with back pain.

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Medtronic face criticism over spinal product

29th June 2011

Specialists say it causes male sterility and is linked to cancer.

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Cement injection could improve spinal injury survival rates

10th May 2011

A study suggests surgical procedures involving injecting cement into the spine could prevent thousands of deaths a year.

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Spinal operations are high-risk

22nd March 2011

80% of us will suffer from lower back pain at some point.

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