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Monday 21st May 2018

Organisation Articles


The 2010 Pfeiffer Annual: Leadership Development v.1

29th January 2010

The Pfeiffer Annuals Have Presented Thought–Leading Ideas and Cutting–Edge Practices Across Four Decades....

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5S for Healthcare (Lean Tools for Healthcare Series)

14th December 2009

There are a growing number of books based on lean there are very few that detail the tools that make lean more than just a way of thinking and put the methodology into practice.

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Clinical Leadership: Bridging the Divide

30th November 2009

This is the story of a cohort of junior doctors who believe that if clinicians take leadership roles within health systems, results will be better for patients and clinicians.

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Lean for Practitioners: An Introduction to Lean for Healthcare Organisations

26th August 2009

This book has been written as a starter guide for those involved in delivering Lean in healthcare organisations.

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