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Monday 24th April 2017

Aspirin Articles


Aspirin clinical trial begins

22nd October 2015

World's largest clinical trial begins to determine if aspirin can stop cancer returning.

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Daily aspirin taken by majority of US adults

24th April 2015

A new survey finds majority of middle-aged adults and seniors in the US take a daily aspirin.

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Aspirin may make strokes worse

24th February 2015

Research suggests some people who are 'resistant' to aspirin may be at greater risk of larger, more severe strokes.

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Painkillers could help protect against skin cancer

19th December 2014

Research suggests regularly taking painkillers could help protect against some skin cancers.

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Daily aspirin can cut bowel cancer deaths

6th August 2014

Bowel and stomach cancer deaths can be reduced by taking an aspirin every day.

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Aspirin not the most effective against heart problems

19th June 2014

Doctors have new guidelines to prescribe warfarin rather than aspirin to help patients' heart problems.

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Keep calm, carry aspirin?

20th December 2013

Can aspirin beat your temper?

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Aspirin usage can cause blindess

22nd January 2013

A condition which causes older people to lose their sight may be aggravated by aspirin.

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Aspirin could prevent miscarriages

25th October 2012

Leading doctor says simple blood test and aspirin could prevent thousands of miscarriages.

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Low dose of aspirin could slow down memory loss

4th October 2012

Researchers claim taking a low dose of aspirin could keep the brain young.

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