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Thursday 24th May 2018

Anaesthetic Articles


Anaesthetist investigated for poisoning patients

29th March 2017

An anaesthetist suspected of poisoning seven patients has appeared in court in France.

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Does anaethesia cause cognitive problems?

10th March 2011

FDA to study whether anaethesia in young children can cause cognitive problems or learning difficulties.

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Medical Directors' Bulletin: issue 104, Jul-Aug 2010

12th August 2010

These bulletins are introduced by the NHS Medical Director and aim to update and inform medical directors everywhere on the latest announcements and documents from DH.

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New pain relief for hand and arm operations

9th August 2010

Doctors in Swansea are using a nerve block instead of general anaesthetic for some operations.

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Injection that can cure phobias

23rd March 2010

Scientists have found a way to switch off 'fear centre' in brain with a local anaesthetic.

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Warning over military doctor shortage

17th July 2009

Unions say there is a huge shortage of military doctors putting the medical arm under pressure.

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Surgical checklist that saves lives

7th July 2008

A safety test is to be implemented in all British hospitals to reduce risks of surgery.

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Anaesthetic change 'may cut risk'

9th August 2007

Experts say avoiding gas as an anaesthetic could cut risk of complications.

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Warning on epidurals

2nd April 2007

Doctors warn that epidurals can lead to serious complications.

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German nurses now anaesthetise

28th March 2007

Move angers doctors, who warn the practice is dangerous.

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