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Tuesday 19th June 2018

Faith Articles


Faith is good for your health

3rd May 2011

Doctors say being a Christian could be good for your health.

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Pregnant women warned of fasting

12th August 2010

Women who fast during Ramadan could be harming their unborn baby.

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Asian donors needed

29th July 2010

70% of Asian people have the rare blood type B or AB so there are fewer suitable donor organs.

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Fasting holy man under probe

4th May 2010

Claims by a holy man who says he hasn't eaten or drunk for 65 years are being investigated.

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People dying needlessly from cancer

14th April 2010

Patients need to be more proactive in the fight against cancer.

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Carbon dioxide linked to 'near-death' experiences

8th April 2010

A study finds carbon dioxide levels were higher in patients who reported near-death experiences.

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Bishops slam condom campaign

23rd February 2010

Bishops in the Philippines have called for the resignation of the country's health minister after a contraceptive drive.

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Cancer patients' spiritual needs

22nd December 2009

The spiritual needs of terminal cancer patients may be as important as their medical treatment.

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Swine flu claims five on Hajj

1st December 2009

Saudi health authorities report five deaths from H1N1 pandemic influenza during the annual Muslim pilgrimage.

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MRI body scan option for coroners

22nd April 2009

Government plans could mean bereaved families who object to a traditional post-mortem could opt for MRI scan instead.

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