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Saturday 10th December 2016

Green Articles


Greenery improves health

7th November 2008

Living near some greenery improves health.

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£165m fuel bill rise for the NHS

16th September 2008

Just one in five NHS bodies have signed up to government-backed 'green' cash-saving schemes.

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Skin treatment with green tea?

8th August 2007

Scientists say patients with skin and hair problems may benefit from treatment with green tea.

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Warning for green beans

6th August 2007

US health officials warn consumers not to eat certain brands of French-cut green beans.

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Green tea could help arthritis

9th May 2007

A study has found that an active ingredient of green tea could stave off arthritis.

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Green tea could help fight HIV

29th March 2007

Research suggests that drinking green tea could help fight HIV infection.

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