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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Mammogram Articles


Mammograms 'missing' thousands of cases a year

10th December 2014

Researchers say NHS screening missing more than 2,000 cases of breast cancer a year.

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Mammograms reduce breast cancer deaths

20th June 2014

A new study suggests mammography reduces breast cancer deaths by about 28%.

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Routine mammograms not helpful for over 70s

25th March 2014

A new large study suggests mammograms for women over 70 may cause more harm than good.

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Mammogram for older women every two years

7th February 2013

A new study says mammograms for older women every two years just as good as yearly.

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3D mammograms may improve diagnosis accuracy

21st November 2012

Some researchers see better results from using 3D breast imaging.

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Less women in 40s having mammogram

2nd July 2012

According to a new study mammogram rates in the US have declined by nearly 6%.

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Breast cancer 'overtreated'

3rd April 2012

Study suggests some breast cancers found by mammograms wouldn't have caused any problems.

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Mammograms are beneficial

28th June 2011

Research teams says, regular mammograms prevent deaths and the number of lives saved increases over time.

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Breast surgery used too much

21st February 2011

New research shows many women with abnormal breast mammograms are having unnecessary surgical biopies when a needle biopsy is safer.

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Annual breast screening backed

26th January 2011

US researchers say a new analysis of breast cancer screening says more frequent mammograms saves lives.

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