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Thursday 19th September 2019

Nutrition Articles


How to avoid diet pitfalls

20th June 2016

Three pointers from a registered dietician and nutritionist to spot a faulty diet tip.

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Unhealthy foods can be good for you

4th April 2016

New research finds some foods are not as bad as you think.

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Calories not as important as nutrition

27th August 2015

Focus on nutritional value of foods say experts.

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Halve your sugar intake say experts

20th July 2015

Recommended daily intake of sugar should be halved say scientists.

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Nutrition builds stronger bones

2nd July 2015

Build stronger bones by keeping key nutrients in mind when planning meals.

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Hospitals are not a good place to heal

19th November 2014

Three reasons why a hospital is most likely not a good place to heal your wounds.

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UK coeliac disease diagnoses have increased

12th May 2014

The diagnoses of coeliac diseases has risen fourfold since 1990, says study.

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Elderly nutrition can have 'dramatic impact'

17th March 2014

The 17th-23rd of March marks Nutrition and Hydration Awareness Week.

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FDA may revise food and drink nutrition labels

24th January 2014

FDA says labels need to reflect changes in nutrition knowledge.

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Baby foods do not meet baby's dietary needs

10th September 2013

A test was conducted on 479 shop-bought products and most contained fewer nutrients than homemade food.

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