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Saturday 20th July 2019

Nutrition Articles


School lunch overhaul will not affect rise of obesity

10th February 2012

Government decision to raise nutrition standards in schools across the US will not affect the rising rate of obesity among children.

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Leading UK Nutrition Association Urges Awareness Between Dietitians and Nutrition Therapists

16th January 2012

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Nutrition guidelines issued for under-fives

16th January 2012

Advice published on nutrition for preschool children in a bid to fight obesity.

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Nutrition labels need to be more prominent

25th October 2011

US study suggests people don't pay much heed to nutrition labels on the food they buy.

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Are you running low on vital nutrients?

6th September 2011

Experts suggest many of us lack essential vitamins and minerals.

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Call for fast food giants to print nutrition details

5th September 2011

Consumers say all fast-food giants should publish how many calories their menus contain.

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Improve quality of nutrition in hospitals

22nd August 2011

Findings show around one in four hospitals fail essential nutritional care.

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New online nutrition initiative can help protect lives and health of millions of children

12th August 2011

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Lack of nutrients 'linked' to back pain

8th August 2011

A study says heavy lifting can do damage to discs in the back by reducing flow of nutrients to the cells.

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Warning about counting calories

11th July 2011

Experts say an obsession with calorie counting means some people cut out nutrient-rich foods from their diet.

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