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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Nutrition Articles


Less salt in Big Mac than high street salads

26th August 2010

A new survey finds one in 10 ready-made salads contains more salt than a Big Mac.

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First Lady calls for child nutrition bill

2nd August 2010

Michelle Obama asks Congress to pass legislation to improve nutritional standards and fight childhood obesity in schools.

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Nuffield Health strengthens its nutritional credentials

27th July 2010

Mythbreaker nutrition available to corporate market.

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Three substances found to trigger gut disease

22nd July 2010

Three key substances that trigger coeliac disease have been discovered by UK and Australian researchers.

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Eat less meat, lose weight

22nd July 2010

Researchers say cutting down on meat could help you lose weight.

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Childhood obesity could be neglect

16th July 2010

Child health experts say parents of obese children may be guilty of neglect.

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Should children be able to choose their own diet?

9th July 2010

Jamie Oliver and government campaign has increased the number of children having a healthy hot meal at lunch.

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Study on link between obesity and inactivity

8th July 2010

Research suggests to tackle obesity by focusing more on food than exercise.

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Sugar banned from vending machines

30th June 2010

Coffee and tea vending machines in hospitals across Wales have had sugar banned.

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Premature babies underfed

24th June 2010

A report has found premature babies suffer from lack of food in hospital.

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