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Monday 19th August 2019

Meat Articles


Meat as bad as sugar at contributing to obesity

2nd August 2016

Research suggests consumption of meat contributes just as much as sugar to global obesity.

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World Meat Free Day 2016

14th June 2016

The pros and cons of cutting out meat.

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Listeria deaths linked to meat

13th August 2014

Denmark officials say 12 listeria deaths linked to contaminated sausage.

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Police in China detain six people in meat scandal

4th August 2014

Six executives of a meat company have been detained by police in China.

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Red meat may increase risk of breast cancer

11th June 2014

According to a US study, too much red meat in your diet in early adult life could increase risk of developing breast cancer.

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Processed meat linked to early death

7th March 2013

Study suggests processed meat appears to increase risk of early death.

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Depression more likely if women cut out red meat

22nd March 2012

A study suggests women are twice as likely to suffer depression or anxiety if they cut out red meat.

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Red meat linked to early death

13th March 2012

Researchers say a diet high in red meat increases the risk of an early death from cancer or heart disease.

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Mood can be improved with vegetarian diet

2nd March 2012

New study shows that restricting meat, fish and poultry can help to improve your mood.

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Artificial meat created

20th February 2012

Artificial meat successfully grown in vat of bovine foetal stem cells.

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