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Thursday 19th April 2018

Shingles Articles


Cases of shingles down by a third in England

22nd December 2017

Shingles vaccine has reduced cases by 35% in England say Public Health England.

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Shingles vaccine not reaching patients most in need

14th May 2014

Study published by BMJ suggests vaccine for shingles is not getting to the patients who need it the most.

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Higher stroke risk for young adults who've had shingles

7th January 2014

People who have shingles before age 40 may have higher risk of stroke.

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Officials say shingles vaccine will be available from November

31st October 2013

Shingles vaccine to be available from November or December.

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UK wide vaccine campaign against shingles starts

2nd September 2013

A £25m shingles vaccination campaign starts this week in the UK.

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People in their 70s to get shingles jab

30th April 2013

From this September the shingles vaccine will be routine for people in their 70s.

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Shingles vaccine for over-70s

27th July 2012

Vaccinations could be available by 2013 for everyone in their 70s. Only one jab is necessary, unlike the flu jab which is needed every year.

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Shingles linked to MS

17th June 2011

A study in Taiwan says people who get shingles are more likely to develop MS.

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COPD patients at risk of shingles

23rd February 2011

A study shows patients with COPD are at greater risk of shingles than general population.

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Q&A on shingles

19th July 2010

Questions on shingles answered by leading specialists.

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