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Saturday 26th May 2018

Sick Articles


Demanding jobs may mean workers turn up when sick

11th November 2015

Research suggests workers in stressful, demanding jobs are more likely to show up to work when they should stay home sick.

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Sick workers should stay at home

4th February 2013

Research suggests just one sick person at work means half of communal surfaces are contaminated by lunchtime.

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Robotic seal developed to comfort elderly

4th October 2010

Japan has developed a robotic seal that they say will provide physical and emotional support to the sick and elderly.

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GPs ignore sick note advice

7th December 2009

A study shows only one in 20 GPs adhere to government advice concerning sick leave.

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NHS news 27/11/09

27th November 2009

A round up of NHS news over past week.

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Has the internet turned us into hypochondriacs?

23rd November 2009

The internet has become a one-stop shop for the sick, the infirm or just the worried well.

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NHS news 20/11/09

20th November 2009

A round up of NHS news over the past week.

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Staff sickness targeted to save money

19th November 2009

Trusts are making major changes to pay and allowances to try to reduce costs.

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Monday is most common day for sickness

9th November 2009

Research shows Monday is most popular day for workers to phone in sick.

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Baby units stretched to limit

11th October 2007

Leading charity says sick and premature baby services are being over stretched.

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